Mental Models and the Modern Mindset – Your Key to Making Reality-Based Decisions

Each one of us has a perception of reality about how the world works—a mental model that provides understanding, guides thinking, and directs decision making.

Built from everyday experiences, outside influences, and rewards such as money and success, mental models can be both beneficial and detrimental to success.

This program will show you how to examine your mental models to separate fact from opinion, clarify assumptions, and reveal hidden beliefs.

Using interactive exercises and activities, this learning experience illustrates the need to tune into one’s surroundings, look for opportunities, and approach work with an open mind.

Ethics in the Workplace

The benefits of fostering an ethical workplace go beyond simply doing the right thing (although that is important).

Foundation during times of change: In today’s business environment where change is constant and senior management can be a revolving door, attention to business ethics makes people consciously decide how they want to/should behave.

Teamwork and productivity: Ongoing discussions about business ethics builds trust, openness and community—important ingredients of effective teams in the workplace.

Great consistency: Attention to ethics can actually improve the quality and performance of the organization. There will likely be more satisfied customers when they know they can have confidence in the quality of the product/service and how it is offered/delivered. And employee satisfaction will be higher, thus reducing turnover, lawsuits, etc.

Navigating The Corporate Landscape

You’ve heard it you whole life. If you go to college, work hard get good grades then you can/will succeed in your corporate carer.

The truth is you need to know how to navigate the environment and culture of any organization that you join.

Employers expect new hires to already have the ability to communicate with persuasion and justification, analyze, evaluate and interpret data, They also expect you to build and sustain professional relationships.

That’s fine, but how do you avoid the pitfalls that can derail your career in one fell swoop?  This webinar will share with you the secrets to creating and enjoying a successful career.

Using Politics to Succeed at Work 

Many people experience difficulties at work because they do not accurately “read” their environment or correctly anticipate the consequences of their actions.

Learn how to achieve your career goals and increase your influence at work.  They say it’s not who you know, but who knows you.  If you believe that politics is “brown nosing” then you are missing out and possibly closing the door on opportunities at work.

Often people say “if it’s not brown nosing then what is it?”  The answer is simple, it’s a game with rules and a playing field. Each company operates differently, but, the playing field is laid out and the rules are specific.

Come learn how knowing the game and the rules of the game can help you achieve carer and business success.