Understanding and working Effectively with Five Generations in the Workplace [DVD and Audio CD]



Demographic trends in the United States have brought us to a unique place and time. Americans are extending their careers and, as a result, we are seeing an unprecedented phenomenon: no fewer than five generations in the workplace.

From Gen “V” and Baby Boomers to Gen “M”, organizations must find ways to get optimal performance from everyone in their workforce. Each generation has its own attitude and style, which leads to frequent misunderstanding among the different generations. Proper communication is critical – the better each generation understand the other, the better we’ll all work together. It’s really a way of viewing things from different perspectives in our everyday lives. Each generation’s experience influences their actions and reactions to you and by you. In this program you will learn:

  • How to increase and improve your skills and understanding.
  • How to identify and utilize the strengths of each generation.
  • Innovation and the generations.
  • Best Practices in generational diversity.
  • How and why stereotyping impacts the way we work together.

Includes copy of eBook