Partial List of Our Training Programs

Diplomatic Communication Skills for Business Success™

The ability to think on your feet while maintaining control in tough situations requires diplomatic skills. Are you tired of intimidation tactics in high-pressure situations with difficult people? Do you wish you could win others confidence in your leadership abilities?

Come to this seminar and learn how to diffuse tense situations, deal with difficult customers and co-workers and manage your emotions in tough situations.  Say goodbye to communication nightmares and welcome increased effectiveness, productivity, support and credibility.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn how to respond in a professional manner, even when you’re out of your comfort zone
  • Strengthen your communication effectiveness with active listening
  • How to positively impact the visual, verbal, and vocal components of communication
  • How to take control of your emotions in tough situations

Who should attend: Business professionals who want to increase their credibility with diplomatic communications.


Cross-Cultural & Generational Communication™

Managing across generations is an area where organizations often see a hotbed of unfamiliarity. There are built in advantages in terms of adjusting to new ways and helping companies in this transition.

As the boomers begin to retire, finding workers to replace them is critical and ensuring different generations can coexist in the workplace becomes increasingly important. The differences in learning styles, work styles, management styles, and communication styles can take its toll on your team.

Come learn how to identify and utilize the best from each generation and help your organization work effectively and productively with each communication style. All five generations will benefit from this workshop.

Topics covered:

  • Identify and define the five generations in the workplace today
  • What makes them behave the way they do and have conflict
  • When to use cross-cultural vs. generational communication effectively
  • How generational innovation and opportunities come into play to increase your success

Who should attend: All employees will benefit from this workshop

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The Trench Effect™

Are you still harboring old hurts and pain from the past? Does it still pain you to think about someone or an event that happened long ago? Many of us work hard to achieve corporate and life success then when we achieve it we feel like an impostor and wonder when they will find out who we really are.

Sometimes we find ourselves living in the past and afraid that we can never really have what we truly want in life. There is a secret to leaving this hurt and pain behind then moving confidently in the direction of your dream.

This interactive session will help you cure those ills and prepare you to be a winner every time.

You will learn:

  • What is the Trench Effect™ and how does it impact your interactions with colleagues, family and others
  • How to recognize the trigger pulling effects
  • Knowing your own button pushing and trigger pulling responses
  • How to deal with corporate bullies and take back control of your life and your work

Who should attend: Anyone interested in developing skills to improve communications and their performance in order to grow within their organization


Four Dimensions for Leadership Success™

In today’s global environment leadership success is achieved by more than just exhibiting the characteristics of a leader. You must take action in these four dimensions in order to demonstrate the strategic thinking that leads to a promotion. It’s not enough to just do a good job anymore. You must hit on all four of these cylinders to make it to the next level.

In this session Yvonne teaches you how to move from manager to leader. The time spent in this seminar will pay big dividends for you, your team, and your organization.

You will learn how to create, measure, and utilize these four dimensions:

  • Brand
  • Network
  • Finance
  • Community

Who should attend: Business professionals who want to increase their interpersonal skills and advance in their career.


Confident Communications

In today’s society the ability to communicate well is a highly valued commodity. This skill separates the winners from the losers at work, in social situations and in ones personal life. Confident communication is multifaceted and concerns both verbal and non-verbal skills. Your voice is heard even before you open your mouth through your total communication image. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that counts.

This 3-day session incorporates lecture and interactive participation to improve the four aspects of your Dynamic Voice and provide you with the tools and techniques to succeed on all fronts. If you have ever found yourself at a loss for words in a tough situation, this course will help ensure that never happens again.

You will learn:

  • How to take control of your Power Voice – The ability to speak well so that others listen and follow
  • How to speak with authority using power phrases instead of poison phrases
  • How to communicate with confidence and clarity
  • The difference between your verbal style -vs- your vocal style, when and how to dynamically utilize them to command an audience of your peers, and your management
  • How non-verbal communication impacts your ability to convince others
  • How to better understand and become more aware of your own communication Style
  • How to match your style to the communication style of others
  • An easy way to recognize and match other communication styles
  • How to use your voice to persuade and command attention

Who should attend: Business professionals who want to advance their careers through credible and confident communications.


Basic Coaching Skills for Managers

A manager’s success is measured by how well they get work done with and through others.  With today’s workforce of five generations it requires the ability to know yourself and the ability to determine what motivates your people.  You need the ability to achieve team synergy and success.

The single most powerful component of employee performance management is the coaching of employees by the supervisor.  Coaching goes beyond personal employee growth. It requires results oriented commitment to the individual and contributes to meeting organizational needs.

Be the catalyst that motivates your team to higher productivity and efficiency. This workshop covers the four different types of coaching.

You will learn how to provide:

  • Counseling:  Awareness of employee’s attitudes and behavioral changes that are affecting work
  • Teaching:   Transferring skills and knowledge
  • Mentoring:  Perspective on the employee’s present organization fit and possibilities for future contribution
  • Challenging:  Addressing performance deficiencies or stagnation.

Who should attend: Newly appointed supervisors or prospective managers, who want to  coach their people for  organizational success.


Assertive Interpersonal Strategies for Women™

Women are often reluctant to voice their opinions, stand up for themselves, ask for what they need, or speak of their accomplishments because they fear coming across as pushy, aggressive or may jeopardize relationships. Communicating in a professional way is a useful skill that helps you be more effective in the workplace.

This highly interactive hands-on workshop will help you build the skills you need to overcome the special communication challenges you face as a woman, and end the frustration of not being taken seriously. You will never again feel invisible in meetings or in groups, or powerless in your day-to-day dealings with people.

Learn how to get better results in your business & personal life and be more effective while building rapport with others.

Assertiveness is a much misunderstood skill. Its purpose is simple, to get what you want while valuing others. The objective is to maintain as positive a relationship with the person with whom you are being assertive.

You will learn:

  • How to give and receive feedback assertively How to reduce conflict while standing up for yourself
  • Anger buttons and triggers and how to deal with them
  • Techniques for coping and dealing with stress
  • How to project a credible, self-assured communication image
  • How to develop rapport and demonstrate grace under fire
  • How to speak up for yourself

Who should attend:

• If you feel overwhelmed and overworked but find it hard speak up for yourself this is the seminar for you.

• If your workload controls you, instead of you controlling it, don’t hesitate. Register today!

• If your colleagues misinterpret your words and misunderstand your actions, then fix it now.

Register for this seminar today and take charge of your career and your life.


Effective Workplace Presentations

You’ve been asked to deliver a presentation for the purpose of explaining, educating, convincing, or otherwise conveying information to an audience. In essence, your presentation will consist of three elements: you, your audience, and your tools. We will look at planning your visuals and support materials, presentation and speaking techniques for both the professional and occasional presenter.

The principles and practices of oral presentations accompanied by computer graphics, slideshows, videos, audios and other media is covered in this workshop.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the behavioral characteristics of listeners (both colleagues and clients)
  • How to identify and focus on your listeners needs
  • How to organize your speech into functional segments
  • An understanding of key criteria for oral presentations
  • How to create a simple but memorable and effective PowerPoint presentation
  • Gain experience in speaking before an audience

The Benefits:

  • You will present with confidence, state your facts in a simple, concise and interesting manner that allows your audience to leave with memorable reminders of your content.
  • Since it has been statistically proven that people learn more readily and retain more information when learning is reinforced by visualization, you will be able to inform, excite, and even entertain your audience
  • Your meetings will be transformed into exciting productions that grab the attention of the viewers.

Who should attend: Managers, Consultants, Team leaders, Entrepreneurs


Cross Cultural Communications in a Multi-cultural World

We all look at the world through our own set of “spectacles” or perceptual filters, comprising what we have been taught, and what we have seen, heard, and experienced.

These perceptual filters are the lenses through which we each look at differences such as race, culture, ethnicity, and nationality.

This course introduces a process that helps draw out our knowledge, feelings, and understanding of the variety of human qualities basic to the people with whom we work.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify your opinions and feelings about workforce diversity
  • Receive personalized feedback that moves you through 4 levels:

o Knowledge

o Understanding

o Acceptance

o Behavior

You will learn:

  • About your individual lens preferences
  • How to recognize the lenses used by others at work and in your company
  • How to recognize how the lenses are embedded in our institutional systems
  • How to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of each lens
  • How to contribute toward the emergence of the highest expression of your own preferred lens in your behaviors as an individual and /or manager
  • You will be better prepared to build and maintain inclusive organizational cultures that nourish your diverse employees and serve your multicultural customers well.

Who Should Attend:  Employees, Managers, Supervisors, Call Center reps., HR specialists


The Devil Says Nada – Bully Busting Techniques to Resolve Conflict

Bully Busting helps you to stand up for yourself and resolve conflicts in life’s toughest situations. Come learn how to recognize the difference between bullying, teasing, and helpful criticism.

You will learn how to recognize and end bullying and how to resolve conflicts that often come when you least expect them.


Leadership is A Choired Taste©

What defines a leader? Is leadership something you’re born with? What if we are all leaders and it’s just a matter of the right combination of opportunities, training and skills?

This session teaches you how to get everyone on the bus and moving in the right direction.

You will not only find your own leadership style, you will leave with the tools and techniques to help you get to the next level of leadership regardless of where you are today.


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