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JAD Communications® International

We focus on improving communications, managing people and expectations, increasing interpersonal skills, promoting respectful communications, and conflict resolution.

JAD specifically focuses on employee productivity to help them make bigger contributions, deal with conflict and difficult people, and refine communications to be more productive and contribute more to the bottom line.

Our training programs keep your people engaged, productive, and revenue focused.

In today’s rapidly changing economic environment your people are the best defense against the competition.  Having a well educated and well trained staff differentiates you in the marketplace.

JAD Communications’ training programs, teleseminars, workshops, and coaching programs will give you the competitive advantage you need to grow your business, increase revenue, and penetrate your industry.

JADci Seminars© and our Employee Development Institute™ also provides customized training at your site and online webinars to help your people improve their communication skills.



Phenomenal Training,   Transformational Results!

We provide Workshops, Seminars, and Coaching programs that gives you measurable results on your investment in your people.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we help you to identify and promote potential leaders within your organization.  By increasing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of your staff members you provide yourself a strategic advantage in your industry.

Our training programs are transformational and produce immediate results.

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We help you bring your vision to life.

If you are with an association contact us to to learn about the special pricing we’ve put together just for you.



Leveraging your skills, talents, and knowledge for your career takes time an effort.

Hire me as a coach and I will help you to accelerate your progress.  Whether you are just starting your career, want to be promoted, or a manager seeking help with coaching and counseling your direct reports, we have a program we can customize to fit your needs.

Coaching will help you with the seven areas of your life:

  • Relationship management
  • Financial expertise
  • Work/ Career strategy
  • Physical Body
  • Emotions & Meaning
  • Time Management
  • Spiritual Contribution

An extraordinary life comes from an unrelenting commitment to constant and never-ending improvement in all seven areas of your life.   Working alone is never easy, as you partner, I can help you to make this your best life.



Just getting started in your business?   We can help through our small business coaching program.

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If you are a small business owner, or entrepreneur, looking for ways to manage your business, save money, and increase revenue, we have created a special site just for you.

We have collected free resources and tools for you and added them at this website.

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