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Generational Differences in the Church Causes Conflict

An article about generational differences in the church caught my eye recently.  It seems that the young pastor’s communication style is causing disconnect with the older members of the congregation.

The question posed was “Our church just hired a pastor who is young enough to be the child of many members.  His language about ‘the emerging church’, ‘post modernism’ and ‘interfaith dialogue’ distresses older members.”

The result is unhappy constituents in the church.  The communication style and words used by the young pastor is causing sparks to fly and a disconnect between the generations.    Older members have trouble understanding what he means by “the emerging church” and the terms he uses makes them turn away from his sermons.

Michael Clingenpeel, pastor of River Road Church believes that the young pastor is responsible for the words he uses to encourage change.Continue Reading

The Greatest Generation of Texters and Networkers

During my seminars, I often recommend that those who text should get one in before we start. I realize they are unable to help themselves. It’s an addiction and they will do it anyway. Sometimes during my Generational Diversity programs attendees are incredulous that Gen Y and Gen M won’t attend meetings or respond to…Continue Reading