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What’s the Youngest Age to Become an Entrepreneur?

One dictionary defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

Another definition of entrepreneur I found is “a person who takes an idea, product or service and does whatever is necessary to introduce it to the marketplace where it can produce revenue.”

They come in all sizes, shapes, and ages.  A recent article said that many retirees are becoming entrepreneurs because they still have a lot of offer and are not yet ready to “sit and rock” on the porch.

This blog post is about the opposite end of the entrepreneur age pool.  I watched as a 7 year old recently pitched her idea in Shark Tank.

An 8 year old pitched her lemonade idea in Shark Tank, got funding, and was recently featured in the Huffington Post. Yes, her company did have revenue. Yes, she did her own presentation to the sharks and it was excellent.

Today I introduce you to Maya Penn.  She started drawing at age 3 and today she is a successful entrepreneur who I have seen on “The Steve Harvey show.”

I could go on about her, but I will let her tell her story herself.  Listen to her Ted Talk.

Some trolls say negative things about young entrepreneurs like Maya Penn, but I commend her on her entrepreneurial spirit.  She is an inspiration.

You can check out Maya’s online shop at MayasIdeas

I implore all parents to pay attention to their children who bring forth their ideas.  Encourage them. Support them. Join them in the journey.

Many a young millionaire entrepreneur exist today because their parents not only listened, but also encouraged them.

Remember, you are never too young, or too old, to be inspired with the spark of an idea that can change the world.

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