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I’m Back! I brought Frederick Douglass with me

It’s been awhile since my last post and I missed talking with all of you. I haven’t posted for a good reason, though. I bought a new house!

So I have spent these many months settling into our new home, decorating it, and adjusting to suburban life.

This being Black History month, I decided to share my free ebook about Frederick Douglass as part of my return to blogging here.

Frederic Douglass Book-2017

The book is my gift to you and I hope you like. it. Feel free to share with family and friends.

Stop Lumping Gen Y People Together as Though They’re the Same. They Are Not.

Everyone seems to be getting on the bandwagon speaking about the five generations in the workplace these day.  It’s catching on. I know because I recently received invitations to three different programs on this topic in one day. I started speaking on the multi-generational workforce long before it caught on and have done extensive research…Continue Reading

Some Generational Shifts Make Me Wonder “Will adolescence ever end?”

While getting ready for my seminar I heard the news, “Psychologists To Bump The End Of Adolescence From 18 to 25.” Yes, according to The Daily Mail “It is hoped the new guidelines being given to child psychologists will prevent children being ‘rushed’ through childhood.” As a baby boomer it sent me back to my…Continue Reading

Don’t Hug the interviewer: 10 Recommendations for getting the job

According to a recent news broadcast, many companies do have jobs available. There are entry-level jobs which are not being filled due to the lack of skills in the candidates who show up for the interview. The employer on the show shared her distress with finding qualified prospects. She shared that in several instances the…Continue Reading

Generational Differences Not A Great Divide – Lessons Learned While Traveling

I love the younger generation.  They see life through a different lens than someone of my generation.   It is not often that I have the opportunity to connect one on one with a twenty something person, so I was overjoyed to find myself sitting next to not one but three different young people on three…Continue Reading

Generational Differences in the Church Causes Conflict

I say, follow the action of the Pope. On January 23, 2010 Pope Benedict XVI gave a new commandment to priests struggling to get their message across: Go forth and blog.

As a matter of fact the Pope has several blogs and many are right here on blogger. A really good blog by the pope allows the visitor to choose the language that works for them.

Just Google pope: blog and you might be surprised at the quantity of blogs out there.Continue Reading

Moving from Generation ME to Generation WE

Admittedly, there were some positive aspects of creating videos for fun, but meanness, bullying and showing off was off the charts this decade. The decade was filled with incidents where the good Samaritans were scarce. If they helped at all, they did so *after* they took a video of the incident.Continue Reading

The Greatest Generation of Texters and Networkers

During my seminars, I often recommend that those who text should get one in before we start. I realize they are unable to help themselves. It’s an addiction and they will do it anyway. Sometimes during my Generational Diversity programs attendees are incredulous that Gen Y and Gen M won’t attend meetings or respond to…Continue Reading