Stop Lumping Gen Y People Together as Though They’re the Same. They Are Not.

Everyone seems to be getting on the bandwagon speaking about the five generations in the workplace these day.  It’s catching on. I know because I recently received invitations to three different programs on this topic in one day. I started speaking on the multi-generational workforce long before it caught on and have done extensive research…Continue Reading

Teenager Wouldn’t Take NO for an Answer Creates $250 Million Dollars/Year Business.

Teen Turns Idea into Multi-Million Dollar Business I am always on the lookout for positive, uplifting stories and ideas from today’s youth. That’s because the media tends to focus on the negative and sensationalize bad behavior. This month I have the story of a young woman from Arizona named Isabella “Bella” Weems who built an…Continue Reading

Some Generational Shifts Make Me Wonder “Will adolescence ever end?”

While getting ready for my seminar I heard the news, “Psychologists To Bump The End Of Adolescence From 18 to 25.” Yes, according to The Daily Mail “It is hoped the new guidelines being given to child psychologists will prevent children being ‘rushed’ through childhood.” As a baby boomer it sent me back to my…Continue Reading

The Future of America is assured: Millennials are Carving Out a League of Their Own

  What a difference a month makes! Just last month I posted about my great concern for the future of America. I worried about what would happen to the country based on several recent events including multiple valedictorians and Gen Y recruits who brought their cats to corporate job interviews. The Universe answered my prayers…Continue Reading

Great Concern for the Future of America and its People

In the days of Mark Twain America was a nation of self reliance and intellectual discourse. When you find and read the writings of Mark Twain, or the poems of Robert Frost it stimulates thought and conversation. Today if you can’t say it in text speak, LMAO, LOL, ROFL or 140 characters it is deemed…Continue Reading

Kindness Lost, Kindness Found,

This is my first week traveling in 2013 and as I set out for the airport I found myself elated and pumped to meet my first attendees of the year.  I couldn’t wait to meet them. My United Airlines flight arrived in Chicago late.  When we left the gate we were put in the penalty…Continue Reading

Great Endings Spectacular Beginnings

May 2013 Bring You Prosperity As 2012 comes to a close it is time to look back and count your blessings, appreciate your learning, and check your gratitude list. I was blessed with speaking engagements filled with open minds ready to learn how to get to next level while preparing for promotions and career opportunities.…Continue Reading