8 Year Old Girl Loves Her Way to Millions of Dollars

What does a typical eight year old girl do in today’s society. According to the media, she spends her time online, texts and mulitasks with her friends. She might be thinking about boys and giggling with her besties and that’s fine.

Madison Robinson and her Flip Flops

This month I want to share with you how one eight year old loved her way to millions.

Madison Robinson had a simple idea. She loves flip flops, drawing, and she loves the sea. So she started thinking of how to combine her three loves.

So she approached her dad with the idea of starting business.

Soon she was producing drawing for her fish – flip flop ideas. Then she came up with the name “Fish Flops.”

Impressed, her dad immediately bought the domain name

Demonstrating tenacity, Madison followed up with her father a few months later and it was at that time, that he began putting the company together.

In 2011 father and daughter attended their first trade show with some product samples on hand.

At the end of the show they had over 30 orders from stores that agreed to carry the Fish Flops.

Fast forward a few years and Madison, now a 15 years old entrepreneur, has over $1 million in sales and the business is growing.

“Her product line has exploded into an all-out brand, featuring hats, t-shirts, kids books she writes herself and what appears to be an upcoming video game or app that takes place under the sea. Holy hamburgers, this kid’s got moxy!”

Check out this video about her:

This Forbes Magazine article  proves that she is on the way to a great future.

Now it’s clear that the youth of today are tenacious, creative, and entrepreneurial.

The shoes go for about $25 a pair and Robinson has sold more than 60,000. Word on the street is that she is designing a new line for adults for Macys.

I think her college fund is ready for when that day comes.

It’s not surprising that she wants to study business when she attends college.


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