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You Speak Your Life Into Existence – Words Are Powerful

2016BlogPost3Do you realize that your words bring your life into fruition?

Are you aware that your statements are really affirmations?

As we close out 2015 I share one of my favorite stories with you as evidence.

This is from one of my favorite books called “E-Squared.”

What shows up in your life is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts and emotions. 

“I heard an amazing story of a young woman who was at the airport. The poor young thing was struggling with three heavy bags. Worse than the unwieldiness of her baggage was her less-than-positive attitude. With great gusto, she was vocalizing her immense disgust at a lack of help.

“Why,” she kept shouting, “is the bus taking so long? Where the hell is the bus? This is completely unacceptable.”

We might have felt sorry for the girl except that the very bus she was criticizing was five feet in front of her with its door wide open. Twice the bus circled, each time stopping to pick up passengers, but the irate young woman could not see it.

The bus, thanks to her commitment to struggle and anger, was literally out of her energetic sphere.”

I am reminded of this story every time someone uses words like “I can never do that,” or “bad things happen to me all the time,” or “I will never find someone to love me,” or “I’ve tried, but I can’t lose weight.”

In each of these examples, the person is speaking their life into existence.

Without realizing it, they are making affirmations out of the very things that cause them concern.

As we move into 2016, I encourage all of you to remember the story above and remain aware through all of 2016 of the words you use on a daily basis.

If you find yourself using words to bring negative results into your life, say the word “stop” and re-affirm in a positive way.

May the New Year bring your health, joy, prosperity, and success.

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