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Great Endings Spectacular Beginnings

Believe In Yourself in 2013
Believe In Yourself in 2013

May 2013 Bring You Prosperity

As 2012 comes to a close it is time to look back and count your blessings, appreciate your learning, and check your gratitude list.

I was blessed with speaking engagements filled with open minds ready to learn how to get to next level while preparing for promotions and career opportunities.

Many of you followed up with me to share your progress and it made me very happy to learn that you took action on the things your learned in my seminars.

I learned a lot from all of you as well and continue to learn more everyday.

At this time of the year I take time to revisit my gratitude list and give thanks for all the goodness that entered my life in the last 12 months.  It is so easy to forget the many blessings we have each year.  That is why I create a gratitude list.  It is a reminder that magic and miracles happen all the time.  We just have to take a moment to acknowledge it and capture for future reference.

If you do not have a gratitude list, I encourage you to create one starting in 2013.

I also encourage you to create a vision board to put your dreams for 2013 on.  Having it in front of you every day helps your subconscious to work on it continuously.

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with health, wealth, and happiness.

Here are some Affirmations to start the year with:

— I keep my eyes on my goals
— I successfully avoid obstacles because I plan for them
— I quickly get back on track when delays happen
— I focus on benefits, so my purpose is always in mind
— My ability to concentrate grows stronger each day
— I always look for ways to come out on top
— Victory is always close by
— I always believe I will succeed no matter what
— I am a winner
— I create other winners
— I am surrounding myself with winners
— I’m uncovering my larger purpose now

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