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Dealing with Adult Bullies at Work

Practice Preparation for these Predators

If you haven’t met one yet, I guarantee you will soon, they are the bullies in the workplace.  More often than not, they strike without warning and come at you when you least expect it.

Don’t be afraid, that’s what predators do.   But just as you protect yourself from scorpions, poisonous snakes, and other dangers in life, there are remedies available to you.

Video example of adult bully behavior

Bullies at work are becoming more aggressive lately due to apathy in some of the corporate leadership.

A December 28th, 2010 issue of USA Today article by  Laura Petrecca titled  “Bullying by the boss  is Common But Hard To Fix”  focuses on just these issues.  In it she writes about the Hooters restaurant chain’s treatment of their employees. The issue at hand is how 15 million TV viewers saw a Hooters franchise manager insist that servers (in their low cut uniforms) clasp their hands behind their backs and gobble up a serving of cooked beans face first.  The person who cleaned her plate first, got to leave early that day.

I have a copy of that video and use it in my bully busting training program and find the attendee response varies from ‘they asked for it’ to shock and revulsion.Continue Reading