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Millennials in the Workplace – Great Expectations

I love flashmobs or commercials that talk about concepts rather than products; both are a refreshing change to marketing and make me feel like I’m part of something by engaging me rather than inundating me.” – Mia, age 24

They are not like previous generations.  The communicate differently and view work through their own unique lens.

They are the Millennials in your workplace.

They want shared responsibility & flattened leadership
Previous generations respected the corporate hierarchy and wouldn’t dream of doing end runs around their personal manager.  Millennials think nothing of sending the CEO an email to share their ideas directly with the person in charge.

They don’t understand why this is an issue.  In fact, they will call senior staff by their first name on day one.

“That’s his name isn’t it?”

Managing Millennials
The 7 minute video below shows Millennials in action at work.

Generation Save
According to the Chicago Tribune, in a recent survey by Microsoft Inc., titled “Millennials in Financial Services” conducted by KRC Research in Washington, DC,  Continue Reading