Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lessons Learned on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice is finally over and we have a winner.  The Donald promises that the next Apprentice show will again feature regular people instead of celebrities.  I think that’s a good thing.  Yes, I know it ended a week ago, but I wanted to let the idea for this post marinate before I wrote it.  I wanted to ensure I captured the communication styles.

One of the interesting things that caused me to watch the show this season is the mixed generation of the teams.   Unlike previous versions of the show, this season the communication demonstrated (for me) a vivid disconnect between the generations. Continue Reading

Using Twitter to Find Your Next Job – Learn how to find the Decision Makers Quickly

I recently attended a face to face networking event with a group from LinkedIn in Chicago and was surprised when some attendees told me they were “old school” and weren’t interested in sites like Twitter.

They had joined LinkedIn because it is known as a professional social network but viewed Facebook and Twitter as time wasters. Many of them are job seekers and I hope they see this post as it will help them to realize the power of Twitter as well.Continue Reading