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A new Generational Difference in Networking & Job Seeking

Recently I shared with you the new video resumes used by more than one generation.   The method changed how recruiters view potential candidates and demonstrated the lengths to which the jobless will go to stand out from the crowd and be the one selected for a position.

Participants uploaded their resumes and other relevant documents.

Here is another example of a market differentiator that did not exist just a few years ago.

Networking with your Avatar

Now this is the way to go eh?  Teleport into the venue and experience the things you can only do in Second Life.Continue Reading

Oh How College Has Changed – New MBA Program Demonstrates Generational Difference

The Baby Boomer generation also has a small percentage of college graduates. Most boomers, both male and female learned their skills on the job.

They grew into their position. Many received promotions to the management ranks as “home grown” senior ranking members in their industry.

Perhaps that is why they are so committed to their children’s education.Continue Reading