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Tiger’s Trouble and Generation X Social Existence – Top 7 List

You would have to live on Mars to miss the media frenzy around the Tiger Woods debacle.  For weeks now it’s as though nothing else is happening on the Planet.  Every day, almost every hour, somewhere in the world, magazines, television, radio shows, blogs and tweets have featured negative news about the golfer in a non-stop image bash.

It’s to be expected when golf’s version of Mother Theresa, a perfect person with a perfect image, disappoints us.  We Americans love to build people up and put them on a pedestal.   Our second favorite thing to do is knock them off that pedestal.

Since our third favorite thing is to build them back up again.  This is Tiger’s savior.  We will forgive him eventually, build him up again and return to a new way to worship him.

It is difficult to be perfect.  Many try, few are able to.  Ghandi and Mother Theresa come to mind as examples of success.  But they are from a differnet time.  Today’s version of the American Dream has changed from when Boomers were Tiger’s age.  In today’s world the path to the American Dream looks like this:

  1. Create a Sex Tape –  have someone leak it to the internet and/or the press
  2. Do the TV Program rounds – Take a tour of all media outlets to protect your good name while showing snippets of the video (as allowed)
  3. Get a “Reality” show – Sign with an agency and get yourself a “reality” show where you debase yourself for the pleasure of the public
  4. Paparazzi Chase – Be chased by the paparazzi taking your pictures and asking ‘is it true that…’ questions
  5. Get drunk at a club – Do this specifically for the sensational value
  6. Complain – Why is this happening to me?  I just want to live my life in peace, etc.
  7. Ligitimacy – Now that you’re famous, clean up your act, and get a ligitimate job as an actor, singer, rap artist, or dancer   Continue Reading