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The Greatest Generation of Texters and Networkers

During my seminars, I often recommend that those who text should get one in before we start. I realize they are unable to help themselves. It’s an addiction and they will do it anyway. Sometimes during my Generational Diversity programs attendees are incredulous that Gen Y and Gen M won’t attend meetings or respond to email.

I explain that they are texters and to communicate with them one must also text. A perfect example is bourne out by this article about a 17 year old who was texting while being reprimanded for texting.

So what do you think?  How will the workforce be changed when these people join it a year from now?  Will they be able to put down the devices long enough to get work done?  Will they participate in meetings or text under the table the whole time? 

It’s true they are more networked than ever, but face to face is another issue.  Just look at the picture above and consider how networked they are.

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